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Description Our Placement assistance shapes up the candidates according to the industry requirements. The shaping-up process includes communication and soft skill training. The need for effective and efficient communication cannot be ruled out, especially in this richest industry spanning across the world. Our highly exquisite training sessions enable the candidate to direct their talents to the industry specifications Our dedicated placement guide directs the candidates to keep pace with the current industry requirements Our highly reliable and active placement cell conducts both campus interviews and exclusive interviews. Interviews
  • Campus : A particular airline will come to our academy exclusively to interview our students
  • Exclusive : A particular airline will conduct interviews at a third party venue.
  • 100% Placement assistance after successful completion of the course

  • The student hereby specifically undertakes to accept and agrees to be bound by these terms & conditions as contained hereunder and all the other terms & conditions as detailed in the prospectus, application form, student guidelines, rules & regulations of the Academy, which have been read and understood by him/her by signing these terms & conditions.
  • The student has seen and read over the prospectus and course content and is fully satisfied, however, the Academy reserves the right to change, amend, add to, alter, vary, modify and/or delete the same at any stage of the course as it may deem proper and the student shall not have any claim, grievance, and demand in this regard.
  • That since the student has been duly registered with the Academy by signing these terms and conditions and the Academy on account thereof has reserved a seat for the student and will not allocate the said seat to any other fixed expenses which it will not be able to recover in case the student after registration desires to withdraw/discontinue from the course for any reason whatsoever and so much the Academy will suffer loss in that regard. Therefore the student will not be refunded any fees for any reason whatsoever.
  • The Academy at the time of registration of the student has valid and subsisting affiliation with the University/Institute that shall be the awarding body and the student has registered himself/herself being fully satisfied by seeing all the relevant reasons whatsoever, there would be no liability whatsoever, there would be no liability whatsoever, of the Academy.
  • That the present course is being offered by the Academy on the basis of the presents Government policies (including Local / State/ Central Government), rules & regulations, notifications, and any loss/ damage due to closure or disruption of the activities of the Academy or the conducting of course of the Academy caused by any industrial action, Government action, fire flood, riot natural calamity, change of law & regulation force Majeure, terrorist activity or for any other reason whatsoever beyond or not in the control of the Academy which disentitles the Academy from offering the said course, no amount of fee will be refundable, nor will the Academy or the personnel of the Academy be liable to pay, in any way, any compensation to the student.
  • That the student has approached Academy for admission (i.e. the place where he/she has agreed to be imparted education) and has made payment for undergoing the course at said place and unless the said place is changed on terms of these terms & conditions, will be imparted education at the said place. However, it has been mutually agreed upon between the student and the Academy that the courts only at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to try and entertain the disputes between the parties.
  • That the Academy at present is operating from the venue, i.e., as mentioned in the prospectus and as per the terms of lease the same venue is likely to be continued during the entire course for which student has joined, however the student shall not have any claim, right, interest to continue at the same venue throughout the currency of the course and the Academy shall have the right to shift the venue to any other location without assigning any reason whatsoever to the student. However, in case the venue is shifted beyond a radius of 50km the student in case he/she is unwilling to continue will entitled to refund of fee for on a pro-rata for the balance months of the course. The student in no circumstances will be entitled to claim the refund of fee for the period he has already undergone the studies at the Academy.
  • I understand that in case of violation, indiscipline etc., the Institute shall have the right to rusticate, prevent me from appearing or attending any class or I may be asked to repeat the year to present for re-registration as a student. This action may be taken by the Location Head or any authorized person under the ground of indiscipline or poor academic attendance and / or performance.
  • The student is compulsorily to attend a minimum of 75% of the lectures held at the Institute. Non-fulfilment of attendance criteria would disentitle the student from appearing in the exams to be conducted for which the student has taken admission. The student will be responsible for attending classes and maintaining discipline and decorum in and around the campus premises of the Institute and shall at all times be attired in a decent and respectable manner and conduct himself/herself in a proper and respectable manner while in of around the campus premises of the Institute.
  • Any of the said promises other than the brochure, i.e., website, marketing personnel or counselor or any person doing verbal commitments, are not the responsibility of Institute Management/ Office. Candidate should be at least 12th passed with a minimum 45% -50% or a Graduate degree from any recognized university

  • The Academy will not be responsible in anyway whatsoever for the performance of the student in any examination /interview / job / extracurricular activities, etc. The Academy shall not be responsible for holding of any examination in case there is any delay and / or lapse on the part of the awarding body. The Academy if also not responsible in any way for ensuring job placement of any nature whatsoever. Whilst the Academy cannot take responsibility of giving a job or placement to a student, the Academy will endeavour to organize interviews for students (who are desirous to have such interviews) and have duly qualified and passed all the necessary exams and have been awarded the certificate, diploma, etc., by the awarding body with prospective employers at Appropriate time.
    However, recruitment of the candidate shall solely depend upon the performance of the candidate at such interviews and the Academy shall not be liable or responsible in this behalf in any manner whatsoever. Trainees who are about to complete the course and who meet the norms laid down by Academy, are avail of placement assistance.
  • When a Trainee declines a job offer, thereby negating the efforts of the placement Department, he/she shall not be eligible for any further placement assistance. Placement assistance in the form of an interview opportunity for the service industry will be provided by Academy for not more than two times. The candidate fulfilling the following Conditions will eligible for an interview.
          (i) The attendance must be 85 percent or above.
          (ii) Placement may take place at any organization approved by Academy any location across the country as well as Overseas.
          (iii) Placement assistance would be supported by the personal Assessment Forms. Candidates' capabilities and preferences are collated over the term keeping in mind industry parameters.

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